WHAT: Tailored Programs to Suit You

Do you need janitorial services? Landscaping? Parking lot maintenance? DCS will meet with you to analyze your situation and then customize a cleaning program that meets your specific requirements.

No matter what your facility’s size or needs, we’ll assemble the appropriate crew for the job. And because our supervisors are always accessible, if you ever want to change the program on the fly, just give us a call.
WHO: Highly Trained, Hands-on Personnel

At DCS, our top priority is to ensure that our clients are consistently satisfied with the quality of work they’re receiving. One of the ways this is achieved is through the proper supervision and training of our cleaners. All our cleaners are monitored by a qualified supervisor who tracks the program’s day-to-day progress.

And to stay current, all DCS supervisors regularly participate in professional seminars within the contract cleaning industry. Here they learn the very latest innovations in the industry—from managerial development practices to proper cleaning methods and environmental concerns.
HOW: Spot Inspections Ensure Quality

DCS will consistently evaluate your company’s cleaning program with periodic quality inspections. At least once a month, on a non-routine basis, Domenic or Anthony Clark will conduct a comprehensive inspection of your facility. Using a detailed inspection report form, they will rate the performance of each cleaning function, based on our own cleaning standards and the specifications required by your facility. Any deficiencies noted will be corrected within 24 hours...and copies of the reports will be provided directly to your facility contact.

"We'll do everything in our power to understand what you value most, and then deliver it - on time, every time"
~Anthony Clark, Vice President