Green Equipment and Supplies

NCL Green Seal Certified Products
Green Seal is an independent, non-profit organization that strives to achieve a healthier and cleaner environment by identifying and promoting products and services that cause less toxic pollution and waste, conserve resources and habitats, and minimize global warming and ozone depletion.

Green Seal has no financial interest in the products that it certifies or recommends nor in any manufacturer or company. Green Seal’s evaluations are based on state-of-the-art science and information using internationally recognized methods and procedures. Thus, Green Seal provides credible, objective, and unbiased information whose only purpose is to direct the purchaser to environmentally responsible products and services.

The following NCL e-solution Environmentally Responsible Cleaning Products are Green Seal Certified under the Green Seal GS-42 Environmental Standard for Cleaning Services:

E-solution pH Neutral All Purpose Cleaner (#4016)
E-solution Multi-Surface Cleaner with H2O2 (#4018)
E-solution Glass & Window Cleaner (#4019)
E-solution Washroom Cleaner (#4020)
E-solution Degreaser Cleaner (# 4035) Cleaning Chemicals & Dilution Control Systems

DCS selected cleaning products and dispensers that have an adequate dilution control system call Twin Power Modular Chemical Dispenser made by National Chemical as shown. This product when mixing chemicals with water required to maximize product efficacy and minimize product use.

Equipment Vacuums & Carpet Care
All Vacuums will meet or exceed Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) Requirements Green Label Standard for efficiency. DCS purchases all HEPA or high –filtration vacuums by Pro-Team, Advance and Ravens. Carpet extractors will have ways to conserve on water, electricity and efficient solution recovery for faster-drying surfaces.

Wipers and Dusters Microfiber

Paper will no longer be used as a cleaning tool. DCS will be using re-usable, washable microfiber cloths to reduce paper.