DCS Cleaning Service, Inc. Green Cleaning
The 7 Point Challenge

As active members in the BOMA Community, we urge our clients to participate in the BOMA 7 Point Challenge Program.

We also encourage the participation in the recently established Green Facilities Partnership, which was developed by GREEN SEAL.

Join us in implementing environmentally friendly programs and maintenance practices within your own facility.

1. Continue to work towards a goal to decrease energy consumption by 30 percent as measured against an “average building” measuring a 50 on the ENERGY STAR®.

2. At least once a year, benchmark your energy performance and water usage through EPA's ENERGY STAR benchmarking tool (and share your results with BOMA);

3. Provide education to your managers, engineers, and others involved in building operations, to ensure that equipment is properly maintained and utilized;

4. Perform an energy audit and/or retro-commissioning of your building, and implement low-risk, low-cost and cost effective strategies to improve energy efficiency with high returns;

5. Extend equipment life by improving the operations and maintenance of building systems and ensure equipment is operating as designed;

6. Through leadership, positively impact your community and your planet by helping to reduce your industry's role in global warming;

7. Position yourself and the industry as leaders and solution providers to owners and tenants seeking environmental and operational excellence.